Rack Feed Pipeline Cleaning Machine

The Schur Rack Feed Pipeline Cleaning Machine is a purposed designed item that facilitates the removal of pipeline deposits, residue and debris by persistent high-pressure injection of water in to the pipe. It consists of an inclined track, powered chuck, rod rack, silent pack, diesel engine, control cabinet and a submersible pump and is mounted on a two wheel chasis with a suitable tow hitch and braking system. It is designed for one man operation. In operation the chuck rotated a series of boring rods to the end of which is attached a cleaning head. Movement of the carriage down the track advances the rotating head along the pipe bore, additional rods are added allowing the pipe to be cleaned along its length. The Rack Feed Pipe Cleaning Machine is suitable for cleaning portable water mains from 75mm (3 inches) to 250mm (10 inches in diameter). It has a long list of safety features making it the safest machine on the market and is CE marked to comply with European Union legislation.

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Rack Feed Pipe Cleaning Machine features

  • HATZ 3 Cyclinder Engine with silent pack (12v electric start)
  • Machine will not operate with main rod guard open
  • Bespoke guarding provided
  • Double safety power cut off
  • 2 emergency stop buttons
  • Slam shut rod guides
  • Heavy duty oil filled nylon carriage slides never need adjusting
  • Engine runs at 1500rpm for lasting performance
  • Hydraulics sized for cool efficient running
  • No tecreel or swivel joints. Instead we use energy chain to transmit hydraulic power to the chuck. This removes all leak points from the system
  • Heavy duty solid beam single axle
  • Supplied with hydraulic water pump (Hydrainer)
  • Brakes are Hydraulic (couple with to tractor)
  • Ratchet type parking brake (mounted away from tow hitch to avoid damage)
  • Supplied ready for site c/w 35 boring rods and all equipment to clean 3-6 inch mains
  • Designed for very low maintenance
  • ¾ duplex marriage chain
  • Hydraulic pumps fitted direct to engine (no gearbox)
  • Locking filler caps on hydraulic tanks and fuel tanks
  • Locking control panel cover
  • Weld on two eye
  • Parking jack
  • Flotation tyres
  • High torque hydraulic motors
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