Pipe Lining System

Schur’s Pipe Lining System is the culmination of our 40 years’ expertise in pipeline rehabilitation and is now the most popular pipe lining system in the world today. Trusted by organisations across the globe our pipe lining system is simple to use and requires little maintenance, greatly increasing the profitability of the lining project.

Download Schur Pipe Lining Rig Datasheet.

Epoxy Spray Lining

Schur are the only approved rig manufacturer for 3M spray-applied polyurethane liners and come recommended by Radius for use with Fast-Line Plus. These rapid setting pipeline coatings are applied to protect pipelines from corrosion and to improve the structural integrity of pipelines, sewers and manholes. Polyurethane spray liners set rapidly and are cured within about 2 hours of application. This massively increases the speed with which pipelines can be returned to being fully operational.

Remote monitoring and operation

W.E.R.M.S is Schur’s unique system used for monitoring all aspects of the pipe lining system and also provides the capability for remote operation of the system.

  • Monitors ratio, flow, pressure, speed, distance, coating thickness etc
  • Lining reports automatically generated and sent by email to designated contacts
  • In-built GPS functionality
  • Single point of control removing the need to be running around the rig pressing buttons and switches.
  • Logical control panel with touchscreen operation for ease of use

Innovative engineering

  • Circular tanks with full bore agitation to prevent aint build up in tank & uneven heat distribution
  • Mechanical air drier removes the need for nitrogen purge bottles Logistical and safety issues regarding nitrogen purge bottles
  • High output pumps to ensure faster lining speeds
  • Larger product tanks
  • Super low friction umbilical hoses removing the risk of rings in lining
  • Paperless electronic system using the rig network connection ensures accuracy and integrity of lining record sheets – as well as removing the risk of losing them

Purchase or Hire

Our Pipe Lining Systems are available for purchase or for hire. Please call us on 01706 222822, email us at sales@schur-ltd.com, or contact us using the form provided here.

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